Our Guarantees as a Writing Service

We focus on delivering the best writing service to all IB students. Our guarantees include an easy order process, the best writers, flexible pricing, no hidden charges, discounted price, reliable customer support, timely delivery, free revisions, customer privacy, and 98% success rate.

So if you need a writing service instead of writing your papers yourself, we can help you hit important deadlines while prioritizing your privacy and safety.

1. Easy Order Process

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Our platform is so easy to use that it takes no more than 5 minutes to place your order. We’ve invested time, resources, and great minds to enhance user experience. Now you can place an order faster and get a pro writer to start working on your paper right away.

Be sure to check how it works page to learn the steps to follow to place an order on this platform. We’ve made sure to provide all the steps necessary to place your order. Again, we promise it takes no more than 5 minutes of your time.

2. The Best Writer

Buy IA Online has the best IB writers ready to take on your assessments. It doesn’t matter if the paper is urgent or you still have the time to work on it. We’ll assign your order to one of the professional writers who can write the paper for you. You can choose:

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  • Standard Writer: You work with the best available writer, even if they’re not experts in your subject. They’ll research your topic, create an outline, and do custom writing.
  • Advanced Writer: An advanced writer is an expert in the subject and topic. This writer has written and completed dozens of IA papers in the subject in question.
  • A Top 10 Writer: A writer from our list of top 10 offers the best results. While you pay an additional 10% of the cost of the assessment, the work they submit is ready to review and submit for grading.

3. Flexible Pricing

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You will love working with us because of the flexibility in our pricing. Think of Buy IA Online as the go-to website where you can get your IB papers written for cheap. Plus, you’re sure to get high quality results from us even at an affordable price. 

When it comes to affordability, we charge $26 per page for an assignment with a deadline of 24 hours. That’s the cheapest offer you’ll ever come across online as far as writing assistance goes. Even at an affordable price point, our writers and editors ensure your work is of the highest quality possible.

4. No Hidden Fees

Have you ever paid for a writing service online only to realize that you had to pay additional dollars for nothing? Or maybe you’ve used a service to write an IB paper only to realize that you have to pay more than you realistically should? It’s a bad customer experience.

We’re very transparent when it comes to how much we charge. You only pay for the paper you order. We don’t have hidden fees and we don’t charge you to use our website. So if you choose a one-page document, you pay only $12.99 to $40 depending on the deadline. It’s as simple as that. 

5. Discount Prices

Do you have an urgent order but not hundreds of dollar to spend right away? Don’t worry because Buy IA Online offers discounts to new customers. Whether you need a two-page Economics IA or a twelve-page Math IA completed, you can hire our team.

We offer up to 10% discount to all new orders. It means that if it’s your first time on Buy IA Online, you qualify for the discount and you can redeem the coupon to save money.

6. Reliable Customer Support

A good writing service is one that offers the best customer support. Buy IA Online focuses on delivering the best customer experience through its reliable customer service line. Our team is flexible, attentive to details, and easy to interact with even if you’re under pressure.

You can talk to us via the live chat. Or you can send us an email to [email protected]. Expect prompt reply from our team. We usually reply within 5 minutes in most cases.

7. Timely Delivery

A well-written paper is useless if delivered late. With this in mind, we work around the clock to ensure that you receive your paper early.

We assign an order to a writer immediately you pay for it. The writer then starts working on the order right away. They’ll research, outline, and write the paper based on the instructions you provide. Then, the editor will proofread your paper and deliver it on time.

We understand that some IA reports, such as Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics can be long or challenging. Still, we do the best we can to work on the assessment within the boundaries of the time you allocate. 

8. Free Revisions

One of the benefits of our writing service is that we entitle you to free revisions. Of course, we do our best to ensure that every internal assessment paper that we write for you is up to the standard.

However, if you see a mistake in your paper, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to fix it for you. 

9. Customer Privacy

If there’s one thing that we can guarantee you of, you never have to worry about the safety of your information.

Every detail you share with us, from personal information to transactional details, is safe with us. We will never share these with anyone.

In respect to our Privacy Policy, working with us is 100% safe.

10. 98% Success Rate

Perhaps one of the main reasons why customers come to us is because we offer high quality writing service.

When we say we guarantee a 98% success rate, we mean it. In other words, if you hire our service to get an IA written, we’ll write and deliver a high quality paper guaranteed to score a 7.