Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your access and use of Buy IA Online and its services. Read them carefully before you start using this website. By accessing this Website, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.


  • Website: Refers to the collection of web pages found at https://buyiaonline.com and its subdomains.
  • Services: Refers to the various sales pages on this platform, including Internal Assessments, Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and Editing as requested by client.
  • Terms & Conditions: Includes the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy, and Plagiarism-Free Guarantee.
  • We/Us/Ours: Refers to Buy IA Online, or simply the website that you’re currently viewing.
  • User/You/Client: Refers to any IB student, or person, registered on this platform and has an account with us. 
  • Writer: An individual contracted by us to provide research and writing services to the client.
  • Account: Personalized section of the website accessible only to the client after registration, identified by a unique account name and password.
  • Order: It refers to a paid service specifying the scope of work and client requirements, submitted by the client to Buy IA Online.

Registration and Order Placement

Clients place orders by completing the provided order form on our website.

The order form outlines the work’s scope, parameters, and delivery terms. It’s your responsibility to provide accurate and complete information in each section.

Alongside the requirements, you’ll need to register by providing contact details like name, email, and phone number. If any of these details change, it’s your responsibility to update your account information or notify our support team.

Payments and Discounts

When placing an Order, you must first agree to purchase papers from us based on these terms. Accordingly, you agree that we can only start processing your order once you make a full payment for the service.

Buy IA Online determines the payment for service by our current pricing, available on the pricing page, and is paid in advance as specified in the order form once the scope of work is established. We cannot work on or deliver an order if you haven’t paid for it in full.

We may offer discounts and bonuses to new clients subject to our discretion in accordance with the Discount Policy.

Should you choose to discontinue our services, we will process refunds following the Money Back Guarantee Policy. We are not liable for any Bank Transfer fees, anomalies, or delays due to banking issues.

You are responsible for paying applicable taxes, including service or value-added taxes, based on the jurisdiction of the services provided. Depending on your residency, additional taxes may apply, which becomes part of your fees.

Order Process

We reserve the right to review order details post-payment to ensure compliance with the client’s requirements. If discrepancies arise, we may adjust the order accordingly.

Buy IA Online measures each order by page count, with one page equivalent to 275 words. Upon delivery, the document should match the expected page count. If a mismatch occurs, the client can request reformatting to align with the page/word count.

A client can make changes to the scope of work if the writer has not started the task. We do not allow you to make changes once work has commenced. Increased volume, complexity, or narrowing of completion terms may necessitate additional compensation.

If we require specific resource materials, the client must specify or provide them to the writer.

Clients are encouraged to communicate with the writer or support team via the website’s messaging system, phone, or live chat for inquiries. Furthermore, clients can monitor order progress through their personal account, and support is available 24/7 for order status updates.

Order Delivery

We are accountable for delivering IB papers within the specified deadline stated in the order.

However, it’s the client’s responsibility to ensure access to delivery channels once the papers are complete. We are not liable for errors in provided email addresses, spam filters, internet issues, or lack of communication channels beyond our control. In case the order delivery fails because of our system, clients should contact us.

Clients must promptly download the papers at least an hour before their deadline expires. 

Order Revision

Please review our Revision Policy.

We reserve the right to reject revision requests that deviate from the original order instructions. In such instances, additional payment may be required for requested changes, or the client may need to place an order for editing.

Additionally, we may decline or limit multiple revision requests if the client’s behavior indicates exploitation of the writer or involves unreasonable demands.

Refund Policy

We are accountable for delivering every IB paper promptly and meeting the client’s requirements as specified in the order. If we breach any of the client’s requirements, the client has the right to get a partial of full refund in accordance with our Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Use of the Papers Written by Us

By making a payment for an order, you agree that it is for personal, non-commercial use. The payment reflects the time and effort invested in conducting research and writing relevant to your order, as well as necessary maintenance and administration for Product delivery.

You do not have the right to reproduce, modify, distribute, or display the paper on the Internet or in hard copy beyond a reasonable limit necessary for personal use.


By submitting an order or payment for a paper on Buy IA Online, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • We reserve the right to cancel any agreement with individuals who attempt to pass our papers as their original work. You agree not to distribute the papers to third parties or use them in any way inconsistent with these terms. You cannot hold us responsible for suspected plagiarism or improper use of the material we deliver to you.
  • You may not claim authorship of any paper. All materials provided are for research/reference only. We do not endorse plagiarism or academic dishonesty.
  • Our papers or documents are for research purposes and cannot be substitute for your own writing. Proper citation or paraphrasing is required for using any part of the provided material in your own work.
  • Our company is not liable for unethical, illegal, or improper use of the papers we write for you. This includes plagiarism, legal actions, poor academic performance, disciplinary actions, and other consequences arising from misuse of the papers. You are solely responsible for any disciplinary actions resulting from improper use of the papers you order from us.