Does IB Prepare You for College? Let’s Find Out

IB’s program became widespread for two reasons. First is its mission, which is to help students aged 16 to 19 to develop into knowledgeable people. Second is to nurture students who can create a better and peaceful world through intercultural understanding.

But does the program prepare you college? 

IB won’t get you to college, but it can prepare you for college-level education. For two years, you’ll get college-style classes, research papers, and workload to help you prepare for an encounter with a more challenging education program in the future.

To the best of our knowledge, students and teachers alike now treat the program as a suitable option for students who would like to succeed even at college level.

Understand that there’s no hidden or magic secret to doing well in IB. You just have to put in the hard work and stay committed to the program throughout the two-year period.

Key Takeaways

  • IB won’t get you to the college door, but it can give you a taste of what it is like to be a college students.
  • The program can earn you college credits if you do well, and you even stand the chance to win IB-specific scholarships.
  • By taking IB classes, you’ll be preparing yourself to handle the difficult times that await you in college and thereafter.

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How Does IB Prepare You for College?

We’ve stated that IB can prepare you for college by giving you the feel of what it is like to be in college. Here’s why that’s important:

1. IB Has a Global Recognition

IB has a worldwide presence. It’s currently available in at least 95 countries, and it has grown to become a solid education framework that gives its graduates the opportunity to pursue further education anywhere on the planet.

The IB program can help you to develop a brighter future by fostering a blend of local and national identity with a global mindset.

You’ll gain insights into the complexities of the world from diverse cultural viewpoints, become a globally conscious individual who understands their shared humanity and responsibility for the world, and promote cross-cultural communication.

IB will encourage you to engage in research, take action, and reflect upon locally and globally subjects throughout your academic journey.

2. IB Makes You Ready to Handle College/University Levels

The IB diploma program requires you to complete a 4,000-word extended essay. The assignment requires you to work individually and it demands rigorous research and organization.

By researching and writing the extended essay, you can meet – or maybe even surpass – the critical thinking and research skills essential for the readiness for college in the United States of America.

In some cases, admission officers may ask you to submit an extended essay as part of the admissions interview process. Should this be the case, the committee will mostly evaluate the essay to determine whether you have strong analytical prowess.

3. IB Diploma Program Focuses on Breadth and Depth

You’ll explore six subjects, which allow you to maintain flexibility in your senior years of high school and keep your college or university options open.

In the IB Diploma Program, you’ll delve into three courses at the Higher Level, each consisting of 240 teaching hours.

You’ll also study second language to enhance your academic proficiency at both the high school and university levels.

4. IB Gives You Direct CAS Experience

Creativity, Action, and Service, or simply IB CAS, emphasizes experiential learning, where you acquire knowledge through direct experiences. These experiences can be anything, from constructing homes to launching a community newspaper.

The CAS project concept can empower you to cultivate a global outlook and take the initiative in planning your own activities. In fact, the fulfillment of CAS requirements will set you apart during the university admission process.

5. IB Encourage Critical Thinking

IB teaches you to look beyond facts.

You’ll examine sources, study related subjects, and question established knowledge and apply interpretation and inquisitiveness to analytical writing.

By the time you complete the two-year course, you’ll have gained the wisdom and insights necessary to reflect and criticize existing knowledge more openly.

6. IB Ensures Students are Good Time Managers

Because IB is challenging, the course requires a high-level of discipline and commitment. As you immerse yourself in studies, you will develop into an organized individual not only in high school but also at college or university level.

Keep in mind that developing effective study habits take time. You may need to make some changes in your school routine to become a good time manager, but the sacrifices will be worth it.

By the time you graduate with an IB diploma, you’ll have developed into a more disciplined time manager of your own.

7. IB Prepares You to Handle Challenging College Life

IB subjects are extremely difficult for high school students.

Think about this for a second:

  • English demands that you read novels and study authors’ lives, as well as the history of genre in the class.
  • Biology requires you to study every detail of body function.
  • Mathematics requires that you understand calculus inside out to pass the exams.

If anything, IB is going to be an extremely challenging journey. However, the taught methodologies aren’t without their merits.

By the end of the course, you’ll have transformed into a knowledgeable student with a high degree of analytical skills. Moreover, it’s possible to get good grades at college.

Final Thoughts

IB’s has a simple goal with its diploma program, and that is to help you to develop a critical mindset to study effectively.

Rather than focus on memory, IB pay attention to comprehension. In other words, they’ve structured the course such that you can retain what you learn for a very long time.

There will be a month-long examination near the end of the course. It’s during this time that IB will assess you for two years’ worth of work for each subject.

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