Global Politics HL Extension: The Oral Presentation Explained

Global Politics HL Extension accounts for 20% of the final grade, 10% for Extension Task 1 and 10% for the Extension Task 2.

These two oral presentations must be on point to earn top scores, so you need to pay attention to the structure of the assignment to tick all the boxes.

In this article, we look at the structure that you can use to prepare your oral presentations, so you can cover all the bases comprehensively within the allocated time.

Key Takeaways

  • The oral presentations in Global Politics extension task are no more than 10 minutes long.
  • Extension Task 1 and Extension Task 2 are worth 10% marks each, accounting for 20% of the final grade.
  • Using a comprehensive structure can help you tick all the relevant boxes so that you end up with a comprehensive presentation. 

Global Politics HL Extension Structure

The following is a good structure to use for your Higher Level extension, or oral presentation, in Global Politics:


Use a clear, concise, and straight to the point English to explain your case. Your wordings should be so simple that even someone who has never heard of the political issue can easily understand you.

Add a bit more depth to your case. For example, you can share key fact to make context clear to your audience. Also, mention why the issue is important to analyze and understand. 

Your teacher will assess whether your case relates to a Global Politics Challenge, which can be Security, Environment, Borders, Identity, Poverty, or Health. So ensure you explain the relationship very well.

Lastly, show how someone can explore your case on at least two unique levels of analysis, which are National, Local, International, Global, Regional, and Community.

Main Body

The curriculum requires you to organize the body of your GP HL extension into 3 distinct aspects.

First, do a bit of research to understand your topic. Then, find the three aspects that best suit your issue or global politics case. After that, use the seven areas of GP to develop your writing for these aspects.

How to Approach the Body Parts

Explain the relationship between your case and at most 3 global trends. Use the areas in the course to give more explanation for these trends. Then, use the foundation theories that you’ve learned in the course to explain what’s going on.

Or, you can show what your case show about the nature of GPC and explain why it’s difficult to manage. Your audience should understand why your Global Politics Challenge is complex, and even see how you’ve used different areas of the course to share a clear, concise exploration of these aspects.  

How to Explain Your Aspects

Master the foundation and critical theories, make sure you understand the different areas of the course, and then choose what makes the most sense to your presentation

As for what to say: 

  • You can tell your audience about the relationship between one of the foundation theories of the course and your concept. These theories are Realism, Liberalism, Relativism, Universalism, or Capitalism.
  • Talk about an opinion that conflicts your issue within the scope of political orientation. Or, you can talk about how your case relates to the course’ concept.
  • Focus on a relevant political, economic, or social factor, and then show how its level of analysis links to your concept.

Your goal is to ensure your case makes sense to your audience. So say something that easily grabs attention, so that your listeners can conclude that you understand what you’re doing.


You have just one minute to give an impressive conclusion of your presentation. So you have to give it your best shot.

Give a concise summary of what you believe are the most important insights of your oral presentation. Get this information specifically from your analysis. Synthesize every insight and, if possible, combine the different aspects in your presentation to develop new insights. 

Finally, share your closing thoughts on what your case or issue has demonstrated about a selected Global Politics Challenge. Don’t forget to mention why it’s important that your audience understands your case and such cases in the future.

Final Thoughts

The presentation is, in the simplest term, an explanation of how your case is an example of a challenge in Global Politics.

After your presentation, your audience should be confident that you understand your case, key terms, concepts, and theories taught in the course. You should also leave them with the impression that you understand Global Politics Challenge. 

Understand that IB teachers appreciate detailed explanation, so digging deeper into what’s going is a good way to bump up your grades.

IB doesn’t put restrictions on how many links you can place to the different theories, levels of analysis, and concepts. However, keep in mind that less is better.   

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