Global Politics Engagement Activity Structure

Have you made up your mind to write an IA in Global Politics? You will need to develop and use the right structure for the Engagement Activity Report.

Using an appropriate format is the sure way to write a comprehensive report, as it ensures you save time, write more clearly, and have a logical flow of information in your paper.

This article specifically discusses the outline that you should use for the report.

Key Takeaways

  • Your Global Politics Engagement Activity report should be no more than 2,000 words long.
  • The paper should show a title page, introduction, engagement activities, engagements and analysis, a conclusion, and a bibliography. 

Global Politics Engagement Activity Structure

The following is a comprehensive and up to date structure to use for your Global Politics Engagement Activity:

Title Page

The title page should include the following:


Here is where you set the stage for your work, and you do that by providing concise information on what your political issue is and why it’s significant.

So state the general context of the political situation and explain the political issue you are investigating, making sure it’s in the form of a question.  

Explain why the issue is important to you, particularly based on the experiences that have shaped how you understand the problem and why it can help bring about meaningful change. Also, mention, in a few words, how you intend to explore the mentioned Global Politics concept using course approaches.

The Engagement Activity

Your teacher expects you to explain how you engaged with a political issue. Therefore, talk about the engagement activities that you planned, how the activities turned out, as well as what you learned.

To do well, focus on the activities that teach you many lessons. That’s because such activities will give you understanding from multiple perspectives.

Your internal assessment needs to have 2 to 4 engagement activities, with an explanation of what you learned from each activity, as well as how it influenced your perspective and shaped your thinking.

Demonstrate that you took part in each activity by mentioning what you learned, not to mention how your engagement may have been limited. You earn credit for being reflective and taking the lead role.

You should write no more than 200 words for the Engagement Activity. 

Engagement and Analysis

Your engagements and analysis focus on the lessons you learned and the ways you can use areas in Global Politics to look at and understand political issues. This section should be no more than 1,200 words long.

Show how you used the course theories, the course areas, and additional research to demonstrate your engagement. You can explain your engagements chronologically or just focus on the interesting themes that form your engagements. 

Link your analysis to the engagements, as doing so shows you considered interesting questions that arose during your activities.

You can use the Engagement Activities analysis cycle to get this right. It’s a three-step process that you might find effective:

  • Engagement learning: Here you state what you learned from your activities, and then you explain how you learned.
  • Course analysis: Use the approaches taught in the course to make sense of your political issue.
  • Synthesis and extension: Summarize the insights from your analysis and consider the theories beyond the course to highlight uncertainties and draw solid conclusions.


Your conclusion should be approximately 200 words.

Many IB students score poorly for conclusion because they introduce new information in this section. Don’t make the same mistake. 

Your focus should be on synthesizing the insights from the engagement activity and engagement and analysis.

Integrate insights derived from personal experiences, the 7 areas, and additional research. Identify common threads and exceptions to create a cohesive narrative.

Analyze your mini-conclusions through synthesis, and ensure you give a comprehensive explanation for the major insights drawn from both personal experiences and research.

Discuss limitations discovered during your Engagement activities. If possible, identify where you would have approached engagements differently as a way to show that you understand your work.

Explain the lessons learned about the nature of global politics and how your political issue operates. Reflect on the specific insights gained through your engagement activities and shed light on the complexities involved.


Your work can’t be credible without a bibliography section.

In this respect, ensure you mention (or reference) all the sources you used in your Engagement Activity. These sources may include interviews, books, articles, and so on.

Only include sources that you have referenced in the main text, and be careful not to over source, as doing so can cause you some points.

Include a minimum of eight sources of different types such as interviews, books, and highly reliable academic source. This diverse selection contributes to the comprehensiveness of your research. Also, keep in mind that the quality and relevance of your sources is extremely important.

Final Thoughts 

Engagement Activity in Global Politics isn’t just about showing that you understand the theories of the course. While theories are a part of the subject, you can only get a few marks from it. 

You focus should be to demonstrate that you can get in the real world and investigate a real political issue or challenge, as that’s the only sure way to effect change. You also need to use research, course theories, and areas in Global Politics to demonstrate experience-based learning.

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